Living with eczema


"I consider SKINTOSKIN a very important contribution in the control of atopic eczema. Even when there does not seem to be a clear improvement, when you stop using it, the difference is evident. I recommend it often, particularly when relapses are frequent or the response to treatment is slow to appear. "

Ângela Pereira Dermatologist

"I want to take this opportunity to declare my complete satisfaction with your products. I bought 2 short sleeves for my 21 month old daughter who has atopic skin and, since she started sleeping with them, she has been doing very well (even with the heat that has been felt in Braga). Thank you! I'm your fan. "

Ana Sofia Dias Braga

"Some time ago I was told about a new line of underwear with very specific characteristics. As a good woman of the textile I am, I decided to find out (try experimenting) to validate the promise of the brand. What is not my astonishment, when I give myself to love, to feel all the difference, to really enjoy something different and that I had never experienced before. I am talking about a brand of innovative underwear that has as main characteristics to be biofunctional, hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, anti fungic and above all extremely comfortable because it is super soft and moldable to the body, becoming completely imperceptible."

Joana Mercês, Porto

"I wanted to leave my testimony about the products I got. I have a 5-year-old daughter who was diagnosed with atopic skin since birth, there were times when her whole body seemed to have been burned, despite using specific creams. I have been in control of his condition, also thanks to a manipulated pharmacy (ice palace in Viseu). Since he started wearing the skintoskin underwear, the result has been WONDERFUL, I am very satisfied. Although a bit pricey, it's worth the investment. Thanks."

Cristina Viseu

“I suffered from Athlete's foot until the day I bought a pack of socks. They are of a little resistant mesh, but the comfort and the capacity to solve me compensate for any defect or price. You see, I even stopped smelling my feet (I'm a physical education teacher). A hug and keep up the good work ...”

Tiago Sampaio Portugal

"In terms of comfort, I find these socks very, very, very comfortable. Although no markings of the sock on the leg are visible (a sign that does not tighten), however, it does not fall like a "pingona". It adapts perfectly to the leg and the sensation is that it seems that I do not walk with anything footwear. Its use gives me a pleasant feeling of well-being throughout the day, for the feet. Personally and given the experience gained from its use, I recommend these socks, very especially, to those who are diabetic and to whom: always feel very hot or too cold feet, have that feeling of "oppression" in the foot, and arrive regularly at the end of the day, with the legs marked symptoms, which I understand to be caused by the use of a less adequate sock."

Carlos Lajoso Portugal

"My son is 4 years old. He always had soft, beautiful skin ... until January. In the neck appeared very little pimples and all together one that he scratched a lot. At the beginning of this month of February, the little bubbles spread all over the trunk, including the armpits, causing a lot of itching. I consulted the pediatrician and a dermatologist, recommended products for atopic skin, which aid in itching, but the bubbles were still there, and cortisone to the worst areas. So I decided to buy the SKINTOSKIN interiors and I'm glad I did it because the bubbles calmed down and the bigger red blisters disappeared within 24 hours. He used it night and day for 1 week and the following weekend they were not dressed to see if it would have been coincidence or not. The evil ones reappeared and when I returned to dress the interiors I noticed the difference. So, in my opinion, it was no coincidence. He wears the nightgown, leggings, and socks as a precaution, and fortunately I have not yet had to use cortisone. Also uses the products for atopic skin. I'm a grateful mother. "

Paula Ferreira Portugal

"I got a box of skintoskin sweaters for my grandmother who, in the last 3 years, developed a venous pathology at the level of the trunk, which manifests itself through the dryness of the skin, itching and at certain times even causes small wounds. This discomfort that she feels in her body increases during the night caused by the increase in body temperature, the clothes she wears and the heating duvet. On Sunday morning I received a call from her saying that she no longer remembered what it was like sleep without getting up 2 to 3 times a night to put specific moisturizers on the body to calm the itch?! Yeah, this has not happened this weekend, after using 3 to 4 days of the skintoskin sweater, already was able to sleep all night and covered with the duvet. Thanked me of the offer I made and asked me to thank "the inventors" of the nightgowns (elderly people's words). many others, in your portfolio of proven evidence. "

Lizabeta Carambola Portugal

"As a wearer of SKINTOSKIN clothing for more than a year, with very good results in alleviating the discomfort caused by psoriasis that affects me, let my family doctor know that there is this resource available for patients suffering from this disease and I take advantage of to thank directly all those who work in this company so that many patients of this evil can enjoy a better quality of life. I am particularly proud to know that this new textile technology is being developed by Portuguese researchers. Thank you very much."

José Caldeira Portugal