Today will discuss the importance of bio-functional clothing and its contribution to improving the health condition of people that suffer from eczema and other skin diseases.

We know that the therapeutic clothes act through in several ways:

- Provide a shield against bacterial and fungal agents

- confer smoothness and extreme comfort

- to prevent skin irritation and permanent cycle of scratching the skin and itching

- Promote the improvement of the quality of sleep

But how does this technology? That way we can achieve these benefits?

The BIOFUNCTIONAL fibers of skintoskin were technologically developed to care for and protect your skin!


As almost any other nutrient, zinc has a major impact on our well-being. Following the "iron", the "zinc" is the most frequent trace element in the human body.

The zinc is essential for a healthy growth and assumes a crucial importance for the body, for the immune system and for the sensory functions. In nutrition, also plays an important role, because it is closely related to the production of energy and aid in the digestion.

It is also very recurrent use of zinc to increase the capacity of healing of the skin and to promote a healthy growth of hair and, therefore, it is very common to find pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and herbal preparations multivitamínicas zinc.

In addition, the creams and skin care products, incorporate zinc by the fact that this has a curative effect and offer protection against the harmful effects of UV radiation, especially in people with sensitive skin, children and babies.


The zinc oxide promotes the natural processes of regeneration of the skin, the healing of wounds and the fight against inflammation of the skin.

Because this is a natural component of own skin, zinc oxide, integrated into textile fibers , skintoskin acts directly on the skin by mere contact.

Due to this action, the machine skintoskin provides a natural protection of the skin, giving it a regenerative and revitalizing effect.

These characteristics promote an increase in the comfort and quality of life for users of the Skintoskin clothes. But, more than that, the clothes skintoskin are particularly suitable for people who suffer from diseases whose symptoms are manifested through: awareness of the eruption and cutaneous reactivity, allergies, the redness and dehydration of the skin dryness). These symptoms are very common in diseases, such as Eczema, psoriasis, candidiasis and diabetes.


By everything that has already been described, one of the main benefits of the use of clothes skintoskin is the reduction of the cycle of itching and scratching. The softness of the parts skintoskin provides the decline of this cycle, by which has a direct impact on the increase in the number of hours of sleep and the improvement of the quality of the same. This is particularly relevant for babies and children.

The use of zinc also provides the following advantages:

- Increase of hygiene

- Anti -odour

- effect of antibacterial and antifungal drugs (control of the growth of bacteria and fungi are harmful to the skin)

- UV Protection

The effects mentioned above do not disappear with the washes.

Why cellulose?

The use of cellulose fibers in clothes skintoskin stems from the politics of adoption of raw materials environmentally friendly, sustainable e 100% biodegradable.

The raw materials in the origin of skintoskin® products are certified by the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 - Product Class 1 (effectiveness tested and suitable for sensitive skin and for babies). The composition of the products skintoskin is free of latex, nickel and chemicals that are harmful to health.


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