How to treat eczema?

The Winter and cold weather can itself trigger the eczema. Therefore, at this time of year, skin care must be redoubled!

Knowing that the atopic dermatitis / eczema has no cure (chronic disease) the best preventive measure is to identify and prevent the triggering factors specific to each case.

By itself, this measure can improve the disease without further treatment.

Although we have already spoken to them, it is never too much to recall that the more frequent triggering factors are:

  • Rough materials on the skin and synthetic fibers;
  • The moist heat and transpiration;
  • Certain soaps, detergents or disinfectants;
  • The juice of certain fruits;
  • The dust of houses and dust mites;
  • The saliva, by and the desquamation of the skin of animals;
  • The infections, such as colds or flu;
  • The cold weather;
  • The emotional tension;
  • The pollen.

In this way, it will be very important to see if some factor influences the health of your skin, or the skin of her son/daughter.
Not to take risks should even avoid them or minimize them!

In addition to avoiding triggering factors, can and must adopt other procedures, such as:

-hydrate the skin;

-wear appropriate clothing to your skin (less irritation, less itching and more protection to external agents);

-avoid harsh soaps and hot baths. Some people with eczema discover that the bathroom worsens the eruption: water, soap and the fact that dry the skin, especially when rubbing it with a towel, may cause irritation.

In these cases, washing with less frequency, slightly dry skin with a towel and apply oils or lubricants odourless.

In cases of severe eczema, the clinical approach is to treat the lesions with the use of creams and ointments to the base of corticosteroids or other substances that help to combat the inflammation. In the event of secondary infection, antibiotics should be used. Medication with antihistamines help control the itching. As these drugs can cause drowsiness, it is advisable to take at night.

We must bear in mind that one of the main objectives in the treatment consists in guaranteeing the conditions necessary to avoid worsening the eczema (severe eczema). For this reason, be aware(a) to our publications. We will give you tips on how to improve your quality of life and/or your child’s.

In all our communications, warned to the fact that the information and advice available on our Blog do not override the opinion from your doctor and/or pharmacist.

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