What causes eczema?

Skin diseases are, in many cases, difficult to treat. For this reason it is important to know the causes and risk factors associated with the disease. Avoid risks is in most cases the solution to the problem of eczema.

Causes of Eczema

No one knows for sure the reason why many people develop eczema, although it is known that due to a problem with the immune system. This issue triggers a reaction in the skin when there is contact with a series of substances of normal use.

Risk Factors

Many substances have been identified that may trigger the eczema. However, these factors will vary from person to person and the different types of the disease.

Among the frequent triggers are:

  • Rough materials on the skin and synthetic fibers;
  • The moist heat and transpiration;
  • Certain soaps, detergents or disinfectants;
  • The juice of certain fruits;
  • The dust of houses and dust mites;
  • The saliva, by and the desquamation of the skin of animals;
  • The infections, such as colds or flu;
  • The cold weather;
  • The emotional tension;
  • The pollen.

These factors can trigger a reaction of the skin through contact with the skin or by inhalation. They may also cause allergic rhinitis or asthma, instead of, or in addition to, eczema (dermatitis).

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