What is the difference between skintoskin® clothing and normal clothing?

Skintoskin products are made of cotton, seaweed extracts with silver salts. Cotton is extremely well tolerated by the skin, Silver gives a strong antibacterial and anti-fungal effect. Algae extracts have a calming, irritation relieving effect on the skin.

Should I stop using other products and creams I have been prescribed by my GP or consultant?

Skintoskin is effective on its own but we suggest if you have been prescribed a course of treatment skintoskin is used in conjunction with that current therapy.You could discuss skintoskin with your GP or consultant, we are making every effort to ensure medical staff are aware of the benefits of skintoskin. If your GP or consultant has no information on skintoskin we can supply all they need to help you assess the benefits in your particular case.If you have developed a method of keeping your eczema under control through self medication or lifestyle choices skintoskin will be a great asset to your regime.

How long will the effects of Skintoskin products last?

The effect lasts for the life of garments regardless of how often it is washed.

Is there any risk of allergies?

The risk of allergies is virtually zero, Silver, when used in appropriate amounts has a low toxicity to human cells with strong beneficial antimicrobial effects. The composition and processes applied during manufacture conform to stricy standards. Skintoskin meets all applicable standards, including those advised by law.

Does Skintoskin work in all cases of atopic dermatitis?

Skintoskin if used consistently and according to medical indications is highly effective. However, like any therapy, we can not guarantee 100% positive results in all situations.

Apart from dermatitis or atopic eczema are there other skin problems Skintoskin can help solve?

Problems caused by fungi such as thrush or athlete's foot, bad odours, wrinkles and inter sub-mammary, diabetic foot. In addition, Skintoskin can be used by all people who want superior comfort or to prevent problems occurring in the first instance, for example, irritation caused by external factors.

Why is skintoskin sold in packs of two or three units?

Because for best results it is essential to maintain continued use, the same as if it were a course of drugs but with benefit of applying totally natural products.

Why is Skintoskin only available as underwear?

Because the principle action of Skintoskin is in direct contact with skin.

How should I wash and treat skintoskin garments?

You should treat the garments with care, never apply bleach, iron with moderate temperatures (up to 150), do not dry clean or use stain remover and do not tumble dry. Liquid detergents are preferable. You can use your washing machine, provided with temperatures up to 30 and with reduced spin. Do not use fabric softeners, potential allergens can remain in the fabric. On hot summer days, avoid direct sun drying.

Where is Skintoskin produced?

Skintoskin products are produced in Portugal.