Anti-mycosis sockets


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The skintoskin anti-mycoses sockets (algae and silver) are extremely comfortable and confer protection against the "Athlete's Foot".

We have developed a unique composition through the incorporation of cellulosic fibers of origin (eucalyptus) doped with silver and extract of marine algae, providing the following benefits:

  • Protection and immediate action against the fungi responsible for "Athlete's Foot"
  • Eliminates bad odours resulting from excessive transpiration
  • Adjustable without tightening the leg
  • Softness and freshness sensation
  • Effect of antifungal and antibacterial barrier (relevant to the fungi responsible for "Athlete's Foot")
  • Product without latex, without nickel and without chemicals that are harmful to health and the environment: oeko-tex class 1 - indicated for babies and people with sensitive skin
  • Composition: cotton and cellulosic fibers enriched with extracts of seaweed and silver
Our products have been subjected to rigorous testing

In order to guarantee its quality and efficacy, skintoskin products were subjected to several tests:

    • Clinical study on the efficacy of skintoskin clothing in atopic dermatitis (eczema) performed by the Braga Hospital and published in the USA by the Harvard Public Health School
    • Studies of antibacterial and antifungal efficacy even after 60 washes
    • Skin sensitivity test
    • Efficacy test on UV protection
    • "Use and Abuse" Test - Safety of springs in baby clothing

In addition to the above tests, we guarantee that our materials are:

      • Hypoallergenic (absence of chemical elements harmful to health and the environment, absence of latex and nickel)
      • Oeko-Tex certified: Class 1 (tested and recommended for infants and children - No dangerous substances)

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